the Cost of Living

Grand Avenue Village is designed to alleviate the worries of day-to-day home upkeep and daily chores. However, we recognize that many seniors are concerned about the cost of living in a retirement residence so we prepared the following chart to compare the cost of living at home to that of living in an all-inclusive retirement community.

Average cost
of living at home
Grand Avenue Village
monthly rent
Rent / Mortgage $0 – $2,400 $1900-$4795
Homeowner’s insurance $25 – $100 included
Property Tax $130 – $300 included
(heat, electricity, water, sewer) Utilities $150 – $300 included
Food $250 – $650 included
(gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.) Transportation $200 – $375 included
Maintenance / Repairs $325 – $500 included
Housekeeping $50 – $125 included
Emergency Call Service $50 – $125 included
Cable TV $50 – $175 included
Social Activities ??? included
Security ??? included
Peace of Mind ??? included
TOTAL $1204 – $4894

“Moving to Silver Kettle Village was the best choice of our life. We have more friends here than we have ever had. There are lots of activities to do and the security features provide our family the peace of mind we were looking for.”

Jim and Lucille from Silver Kettle Village